Kartik 21.08 is now branched

Kartik 21.08, aka the new version of Kartik, has been branched (which means you can now download it). The first EAP release of the Kartik 21.08 branch is Kartik 21.08.1, released just today!

This new version of Kartik introduces major changes in how Kartik communicates online and how Kartik stores your save data.

The first time you start Kartik 21.08.1 (or newer), you may be asked what to do with your save data. In fact, Kartik 21.08.1 introduces a new save data system, called Kartik Fox Nest; whose purpose is to store all your data in a single file and allow easy restore in case of corruption. The non-stable releases (e.g. EAP releases) show a dialog box asking you whether to convert your existing save data, or store your new save data elsewhere.

If you decide to convert your existing save data (which the stable releases do automatically), you won't be able to start Kartik 21.08.0 or earlier (very old versions just ignore your existing save data and creates a new old save data profile). We convert by default in stable releases because we think regular users does not try to use an older version of Karitk.

This release also changes the way you use Kartik for playing online, and introduces Kartik Online. To use Kartik Online, you just need an account on Minteck's Hub (which was also announced earlier today). Kartik Online allows you to sync your progress (especially your stats) to online Kartik servers so that you can continue playing on multiple computers. Connecting to Kartik Online also unlocks a new Levels system, which is in fact calculated depending on the number of laps you did.

In the future, it may be possible that we add a friends system that allows you to see who is online and play with your friends without sharing them a code.

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